Because we build a direct relationship between everyone in your business.

The platform engages employees with the company’s everyday life and lets them give continuous feedback. Employees get a chance to voice their opinions.


#1 It reaches every employee

The Blue Colibri App provides a fast and immediate communication solution for the entire organization. Employees can communicate on their own devices. It works for teammates without a company e-mail address or computer as well.

#2 It comes with continuous support

With multiple years of professional experience, our team provides continuous deployment support, and helps you leverage the platform effectively and create engaging content. We help platform managers and users with trainings and other activating services.

#3 You can customize the interface

We don’t just provide a platform for internal communications. We provide a unique, customized interface tailored to the needs and branding of a business. You can customize the app from the icons, to the visual elements, to the name.

#4 Target your communication

“You snooze, you lose” is no longer an issue. The Blue Colibri App lets you communicate to dedicated segments. You can send content to select employee groups or to the entire organization.

#5 Effectiveness, measured

The Blue Colibri App’s user interface is user-friendly, and easily learned. Thanks to our analytics, internal communications become measurable, and detailed reports and analysis help you optimize the employee experience and your internal communications strategy.

#6 The most important features in one place

The Blue Colibri App is much more than a simple internal communications platform. It creates an opportunity to share organizational news, featured announcements, organize company events, create a document database and photo gallery, and complete tests and questionnaires.