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Continous contact across hundreds of kilometers

Deploying a digital internal communication app at Volvo Hungária Kft.

How can you reach blue-collar workers working hundreds of kilometers apart from each other? Is it possible to engage both 20-something career beginners and motor engineers approaching retirement on one platform?

Migrating a 20-year-old internal newsletter onto a mobile app

Deploying a digital internal communication app at Praktiker Kft.

How can you reach 1,350 blue-collar employees in over 20 different locations? Can you defeat geographic challenges and shorten the time it takes to share information? How can a company’s director address 1,600 employees in an authentic and immediate way?

Digitizing internal communication as a means of employee motivation

Introducing a digital internal communication app at J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.

How can a modern internal communication platform help engage new teammates and retain current ones? Can an app bring a company’s employees closer together? Take a look at our learnings in this case study with J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.

Fast digital communication with blue-collar workers

Introducing a modern internal communications app at Summit D&V Kft.

When a pandemic breaks out, immediate announcements are critical. So how can you engage your blue-collar teammates in your company’s internal communication? What options does your organization have, if you want to create a digitized communication culture built on continuous feedback? Learn how we achieved just that with Summit D&V in this case study.

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