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Continous contact across hundreds of kilometers

Deploying a digital internal communication app at Volvo Hungária Kft.

How can you reach blue-collar workers working hundreds of kilometers apart from each other? Is it possible to engage both 20-something career beginners and motor engineers approaching retirement on one platform?

Migrating a 20-year-old internal newsletter onto a mobile app

Deploying a digital internal communication app at Praktiker Kft.

How can you reach 1,350 blue-collar employees in over 20 different locations? Can you defeat geographic challenges and shorten the time it takes to share information? How can a company’s director address 1,600 employees in an authentic and immediate way?

Digitizing internal communication as a means of employee motivation

Introducing a digital internal communication app at J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.

How can a modern internal communication platform help engage new teammates and retain current ones? Can an app bring a company’s employees closer together? Take a look at our learnings in this case study with J. H. Ziegler Magyarország Kft.

Fast digital communication with blue-collar workers

Introducing a modern internal communications app at Summit D&V Kft.

When a pandemic breaks out, immediate announcements are critical. So how can you engage your blue-collar teammates in your company’s internal communication? What options does your organization have, if you want to create a digitized communication culture built on continuous feedback? Learn how we achieved just that with Summit D&V in this case study.

A single click of button instead the flood of company information hiding behind ads

Introducing a digitalized internal communication tool at Ruag Aerostructures Hungary Zrt.

How can work-related announcements compete with classified ads on lawn movers and new mobile devices on sale? How can an app cheer up your employees when everything seems so uncertain? How can newcomers be involved in the company’s life even before they start working?

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